Why I Quit My Day Job

I quit my day job because there was afforded absolutely no room for creativity. I was mistreated and found no pleasure in my job. There was no actual room for advancement, and the wages were just able to keep me afloat for the week. I eventually called it quits to embrace the freelance lifestyle.

The Corporations

The way the corporate atmosphere exists today:

You can’t under-perform; obviously expectations exist. However,

be careful not to over-perform. You’re going to make higher ups feel threatened by you. Make sure you don’t make any creative suggestions – they have their way of doing things, and you are just an hourly employee. I ran into this problem too often.

Then of course you, as a paid employee, are in the buffer zone between customer and company. What that means is that, without fail, you are going to be mistreated. Turnover rates are high and expected in the current climate; if you don’t like the job, quite frankly, they don’t need you. One of the good things about capitalism is the freedom to choose who you are going to work with. Yet, when you lock yourself into a corporate job, you basically give this up – you must treat all customers with respect, even if they are treating you poorly.


I quit my day job and started freelancing. The challenging thing about it, at least at first, is that there exists no guarantee of weekly pay. I must say, however, is that it is still infinitely better than working in the corporate world.

Creativity, while not really needed and at times frowned upon in the corporate world, is of great use to you in freelancing. In fact, it is your creativity alone that drives you as a lone wolf. When you make money doing things that you truly enjoy, there is great satisfaction to be had.

One way you can make freelancing work for you is by embracing a minimalist lifestyle. You may not, in the beginning, be making a killing; however, by truly evaluating your wants and needs, and valuing every dollar you have, you can get by.


I recommend, if possible, quitting your day job. Be prepared for new challenges, but also be prepared to learn quite a bit about yourself. You will learn that, when the going gets rough, you have great abilities within you to help you survive.